Security Articles by the H.O.G

Below are links to security related articles and whitepapers.  Hopefully, this are helpful. You can read all of my articles on my LinkedIn profile.

Whitepapers/Research Briefs-

  1. Failed State of Security II; Victim Blaming and Causality in CyberCrime (2014)
  2. Failed State of Security; A Rational Analysis of Deterrence Theory and its Effect on CyberCrime (2012)
  3. Deterrence Theory and Prevention of Maritime Piracy (2012)
  4. Analysis of Weapons and Tactics in the Prevention of Hijackings (2012)
  5. An Introduction to Risk; Practical Concepts and Applications (2009/2012)
  6. Data Compromise Basics (ProPay Whitepaper; 2012)


  1. 5 Common Security Practices that Put your Company at Risk (TransactionWorld, May 2014)
  2. The Need and the Challenge to Define Security (SC Magazine, Feb 2014)
  3. Understanding Parallax and Convergence to Improve Security (SC Magazine, August 2013)
  4. Comprehensive Defense in Depth (TransactionWorld, April 2013)
  5. PCI DSS 12.1.2; Implementing a Risk Management Process (TransactionWorld, March 2013)
  6. Security in Dangerous Waters; Pirates and CyberCrime (TransactionWorld, Feb 2013)
  7. World CyberWar (The CounterTerrorist Magazine, Feb 2013)
  8. In 2013 the only Certainties are Death, Taxes, and the PCI DSS (TransactionWorld, Dec, 2012)
  9. Security Economics (TransactionWorld, October 2012)
  10. Introduction to PCI DSS for the PenTester (PenTesting Magazine, Oct 2012)
  11. The Impact of The Fortress Mentality on Today’s Compliance Strategies (TransactionWorld, Aug, 2012)
  12. The Rise of CyberEspionage (The CounterTerrorist, July, 2012)
  13. Why Regulation Cannot Prevent CyberCrime (TransactionWorld, 2011)
  14. Asymmetric Threats(Secure Payments, 2009)
  15. Rogue Wave (Secure Payments, 2009)

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