Snipers, Gun Control and Causality…oh my!

Understanding Cause is an important concept in understanding security.

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causeWith yet another shooting in the news, the debate is again raging about gun control. I personally believe these are healthy debates but I am often frustrated by the seemingly illogical positions taken on both sides of the debate.  Last year I wrote a post titled “A Perspective on Killing from a Marine and His Rifle” in which I provide personal as well as third party information on what is required to create a ‘killer’.   Adding to this I am including information that should help people better understand causality and point to the ‘actual’ cause of an event in which a firearm is used.  This is taken from the research brief titled: “Failed State of Security II; Victim Blaming in CyberCrime

Understanding Causality

The simple term “cause” can be deceptively complex to understand and apply.  The application becomes much more difficult when applied to social issues and…

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Welcome to the Security HOG blog!

PiratePicGRIThanks for visiting the HOG’s blog on Security!  This site is a complement to the GlobalRiskInfo site but is solely focused upon providing insight and education on the concepts of security, risk and compliance.  Having worked in numerous security domains for over 20 years has provided me with valuable insight into the concepts and underpinnings of security.   Whether we are talking about physical security, operational security, information security or cybersecurity, the basic concepts remain the same.  This blog will focus on the more esoteric, yet important, concepts of proximate reality, deterrence & compellence, parallax and convergence, threats & vulnerabilities, risk, and more.

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