About the HOG

Some might wonder what, if any significance, HOG has to the discussion of security? Within the USMC a person who is not a Scout/Sniper is known as a Professionally Instructed Gunman or PIG while a trained Scout/Sniper is known as a Hunter of Gunman or HOG.  As a former Marine Corps Sniper I am a HOG and this is the reason the site is called Security HOG.

About Chris Mark

A former military member, Chris Mark joined the civilian ranks in 2000 and has since become and a recognized information security and risk expert.  He is the former founder and CEO of the two companies and has worked for both MasterCard and Visa on their information security programs.  Chris has conducted payment security and risk management globally on behalf of Visa and other card brands..  He is the founder of the Society of Payment Security Professionals (SPSP) and led the development of the Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Manager (CPISM) and Certified Payment Card-Industry Security Auditor (CPISA) certifications.

Chris is a former enlisted US Marine and US Navy Officer.  He is a qualified Marine Infantryman (0311), Scout/Sniper (8541) and Reconnaissance Marine (8654) and a former Reconnaissance Instructor. Chris is a combat veteran of Operation Continue Hope and has attended numerous military training courses including: Basic Infantryman, Scout/Sniper, Urban Sniper, Basic Reconnaissance, Urban Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Airborne, Pathfinder, Navy Scuba, HRST Master, and Security Forces.

Chris holds a CISSP, CIPP, CPISM/A, and numerous technical certifications.  He also holds MBA and BA degrees.  Chris has published over 20 articles on risk, risk management, and information security is a frequent pubic speaker on the topic and has trained over 10,000 people in 10 countries on information security.

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