Offensive Cyber Attacks – A Dangerous Proposition

Global Security, Privacy, & Risk Management

iStock_000000499912Large 2Let me preface this by saying I have been outspoken about passive cyber defensive strategies and their failure.  You can read my paper: “Failed State of Security” to learn more.  On that note, Foxnews had a story today that had me scratching my head.  The recommendations were pedestrian at best, and dangerous in the most severe cases.  In short the article suggests that companies should take a more ‘offensive approach’ to preventing cyber attacks.  Some of the recommendations include:

“Misinformation campaigns” such as planting fake documents and data for criminals to steal.   As stated in the article: “One such strategy involves creating a disinformation campaign by distributing  fake documents throughout a company’s own network to confuse and potentially  misguide potential adversaries.”  Companies today have a difficult time managing their own ‘real’ documents.  This approach is inefficient, and bound to cause confusion among employees.  How do you differentiate between the “real”…

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